About the Chorus Foundation

The Chorus Foundation works for a just transition to a regenerative economy in the United States. We support communities on the front lines of the old, extractive economy to build new bases of political, economic, and cultural power for systemic change.

We envision an economy in which everyone can find meaningful work; an environment in which everyone has access to clean air, clean water, and a stable climate; and a democracy in which everyone has a say.

The long-term plan is for the foundation to spend out our principal in its entirety – or to “sunset” – by 2024. We believe that the climate crisis is simply too urgent for us to do otherwise.

An Invitation to Progressive Funders

What We Believe

The climate crisis is embedded in a larger ecological crisis, which is in turn inextricably linked to parallel crises within our political and economic systems. Communities of color and working class communities are on the front lines of these crises, and they are already experiencing disproportionate impacts.
To respond to these crises, we must reclaim our democracy and move from the extractive economy to one that is restorative of people, place, and planet. The economic alternatives we require are already possible, but they are unsung and under-resourced.
As an essential step in this process, we must eliminate the fossil fuel industry’s undue influence on our democracy, and accelerate the end of the extraction, export, and use of fossil fuels. This particular transition is inevitable, but we will have to work hard to ensure that it is both timely and just.
We will not be able to address the climate crisis without a broad-based social movement that demands deep systemic change. We have been inspired by the work happening in local communities across the country, and we believe that their leadership is essential to the collective future that we all want to see.

About Farhad Ebrahimi

Farhad Ebrahimi is an activist, philanthropist, and founder of the Chorus Foundation.

Farhad graduated from MIT in 2002 with a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Computer Science. While still in his teens, Farhad received a significant amount of wealth from his father. Says Farhad of his inherited wealth, “It’s not something I was particularly comfortable with growing up, to be honest. And as a result, it took me a long time to get my arms around how I wanted to respond to the situation.”

His ultimate response was to establish the Chorus Foundation.

Farhad is an avid musician, a lover of science, literature and art, and a bicycle fanatic. He is on the boards of directors of Citizen Engagement Lab, the Democracy Alliance, Solidaire, and the Wildfire Project. He lives in Brooklyn.

Photo of Farhad Ebrahimi

Board of Directors


Farhad Ebrahimi,
Founder and President


Sasha Ebrahimi,
CEO, Board Chair, and Co-Founder,
Rostam Capital


Nina Ross,
President and Co-Founder,
Rostam Capital


Eric Griffith,
Research Associate,
Department of Neurobiology,
Harvard Medical School