Coalition for Economic Justice (CEJ)

The Coalition for Economic Justice unites our member labor, faith, and community organizations and activists with allies and resources to win campaigns that promote economic justice for all through building strong, diverse, sustainable communities.

CEJ imagines a Buffalo and Western New York region where good jobs, healthy communities, and engaged residents are the norm.


Buffalo Transit Riders United (BTRU)
Buffalo Transit Riders United (BTRU) organizes public transit riders, in order to work for a more accessible transportation system in the greater Buffalo area. Buffalo's transit service provides unreliable, infrequent service to the region's marginalized communities, cutting them off from housing, employment, and community life.
Amount $30,000
Year(s) 2017-2018
Region Buffalo, NY
Primary Approach Just Transition in Buffalo
Women's Convention
Support for the participation of staff at the Women's Convention in Detroit, Michigan October 26-29
Amount $1,411
Year(s) 2017
Region Buffalo, NY
Primary Approach Travel
Ending the Extractive Economy by Raising the Minimum Wage in NYS
We will work with a broad coalition of statewide partners to push the minimum wage up to $15 an hour for everyone not just for fast food workers. In this work we will grow more low wage leaders who can take on this fight themselves by engaging them in leadership training, and training them to be spokespeople in front of the media. The most effected people will always be at the front of our actions and will be the ones helping us to craft the action that is happening. We will also engage religious and union leaders in this struggle, because it is imperative that we use the moral high ground as well as the immense leadership capacity in the labor movement to strengthen our work in raising the minimum wage for all.
Amount $40,000
Year(s) 2016-2017
Region Buffalo, NY
Primary Approach Just Transition in Buffalo