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Partnership for the Public Good (PPG)

The Partnership for the Public Good (PPG) builds a more just, sustainable, and culturally vibrant community through action-oriented research, policy development, and citizen engagement.

PPG helps community groups have a stronger and better informed voice in public policy debates.


Crossroads Collective
Supports action research, advocacy, strategy, communications, and arts integration for the Crossroads Collective. This includes two major policy reports, two policy briefs of fact sheets, one op-ed piece, four radio programs, four short videos, one public forum, and assistance with advocacy, ongoing research, press, arts integration, ally recruitment, publicity, and facilitation of faculty and student involvement.
Amount $80,000
Year(s) 2017-2018
Region Buffalo
Primary Approach Just Transition in Buffalo
Community Land Trust and New Economy Exploration in Boston, Massachusetts
The trip to Boston will allow the Fruit Belt leaders the opportunity to visit Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative, which is the community land trust the Community First Alliance analyzed extensively prior to beginning our campaign. Leaders will also attend a board meeting to better understand the governance structure and inner workings of how a community land trust operates.
Amount $5,500
Year(s) 2017
Region Buffalo
Primary Approach Travel
Just Transition Buffalo Collaborative
Provide policy analysis and advocacy reporting for the energy democracy and new economy initiatives fo the Just Transition Buffalo Collaborative
Amount $50,000
Year(s) 2016
Region Buffalo
Primary Approach Just Transition in Buffalo