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Rich City Rides (RCR)

Our mission is to create opportunities for the most vulnerable members of society to use cycling to improve health, economic stability and individual and collective capacity, while increasing the use of cycling for all community members as a sustainable, social, and green mode of transportation.

Rich City Rides envisions residents using bikes as an essential form of transportation, reaping the benefits of passive exercise, health, cost saving, and community building that cycling provides.


Community Based Transit Justice
Rich City Rides (RCR) will use this project to create a culture that supports a local living, loving economy, that will transform the culture of local transportation, while engaging our target population in the breadth of the Our Power Campaign in Richmond.
Amount $50,000
Year(s) 2017-2018
Region Richmond
Primary Approach Just Transition in Richmond
Just Transition; Food, Energy, Transportation, Economy
Rich City Rides (RCR) will use our transit and economic justice work to build a black and brown base for the Our Power Campaign in Richmond. We will use the Our Power theme in our work to unite with the efforts of our partners APEN, Urban Tilth, Movement Generation, the Richmond Progressive Alliance, and the Native American Health Center. Our community programs create solidarity and familiarity among community members through group activity. The use of the Rich City Rides Bike Skate Shop, a democratically run business, introduces the members of our Commuter Cyclist program, many of whom have been following the organization since before its bike shop project, to a live working example of a cooperative business.
Amount $57,000
Year(s) 2016-2017
Region Richmond
Primary Approach Just Transition in Richmond