Request for Proposals to Support the Richmond Our Power Campaign

//Request for Proposals to Support the Richmond Our Power Campaign

Request for Proposals to Support the Richmond Our Power Campaign

Request for Proposals to Support the Richmond Our Power Campaign

In late 2015, the Chorus Foundation committed eight years of funding to advance a just transition in Richmond, California. The Foundation’s focus on just transition to a post-fossil fuel economy in Richmond is anchored by two grantees, Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN) and Communities for a Better Environment (CBE).

Central to this work in Richmond is the Our Power Campaign to achieve a just transition away from fossil fuels and the extractive economy that puts money and profits before community needs, health, and safety. The Our Power Campaign uses the following framework to help build a collective vision for Richmond:

Organize a Movement of Movements

  • Support an interconnected, aligned, and strong Our Power Campaign coalition of labor, health, community, local business, and housing advocates, racial justice organizations, youth, and workers that works together to fight for a just transition
  • Make collective decisions in a manner that is democratic, inclusive, and transparent
  • Reach 10,000 of Richmond’s voting population, representing 25-33 percent of voters in any given election
  • Organize a base of 5,000 Richmond residents with majority people of color, young people, women, and working class
  • Partner with unions to build working class power in clean energy and the alternative economy

Organize to End the Bad

  • Erode (with the intent of eventually eliminating) fossil fuel infrastructure
  • Counter austerity, privatization, and community displacement (e.g., erosion of health care, education, social services, public benefits, gentrification, etc.)
  • Organize a resistance against corporate greed and stop corporate money and influence from polluting our democracy

Move Money & Resources

  • Reinvest funds from extractive economies (e.g., corporations, war, resource extraction, etc.) to local living economies
  • Support a just transition for displaced workers

Change the Rules

  • Create community ownership of natural resources like land, energy, food, etc.
  • Reclaim community and public space
  • Develop alternative governance structures to promote just transition projects

Build the New

  • Develop 10-15 thriving, sustainable, local cooperatives
  • Build community-owned infrastructure that creates local jobs

Change the Story

  • Develop a transformation of political consciousness based on radical education
  • Create our own community media infrastructure


Up to $200,000 in funding is available to support one-year grants of $10,000-$50,000 to advance the following priorities:

  • Base Building/Leadership Development Work. Leadership development around just transition to answer the question: how do we engage Richmond residents in just transition?
  • Building the New. New ways of looking at certain systems (such as food, energy, water, waste, transit, health, and housing) to reflect just transition and provide the foundation for alternative models.
  • Democratic Governance. Participatory budgeting, community planning, creating electoral infrastructure, civic engagement that prioritizes communities of color and working families.
  • Change the Story. Narrative and messaging materials, media campaigns around just transition, and dissemination and amplification of that narrative.

Activities must take place in Richmond, California.

All grants will be distributed in one payment at the beginning of the funding period.


Grantees will be expected to participate actively in the Our Power Coalition, including staffing the Coalition and executing activities consistent with the above framework. Grantees must also participate in the Our Power Festival in August 2017 and in other opportunities to engage with the Climate Justice Alliance.

Grantees will be required to submit one written report at the conclusion of the grant period. Site visits and additional meetings may also be requested.


Proposals are due by March 1, 2017. Draft proposals will be reviewed and returned with comment if they are submitted in word format by February 10, 2017.

There will be one in-person briefing on Wednesday, January 11 at 10:00 am in Richmond to discuss this process and funding priorities and to answer any question. This meeting will be held at the Richmond offices of Communities for a Better Environment, 120 Broadway, Richmond. To RSVP for the briefing, please send an email to

Final proposals will be reviewed by a team consisting of staff from the Chorus Foundation, APEN, and CBE. Final decisions will be made by the Chorus Foundation and will be announced by April 3, 2017.

Questions about this proposal can be directed to

Proposal Content

Complete proposals will include the following:

  • Proposal Narrative
    • Goals and objectives of project/campaign
    • Strategies to achieve these goals and objectives
    • Description of population served and community needs addressed
  • Budget and Budget Narrative
  • Supporting Documents
    • Most recent internal fiscal statements
    • Audited financial statements and 990
    • Staff organizational chart
    • Biographies of key staff
    • Board of directors roster
    • IRS Letter confirming non-profit exempt status or evidence of Fiscal Sponsor
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