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Alaska Engagement Partnership (AEP)

The purpose of AEP is to build power for conservation in Alaska by creating and supporting a network of Alaska-based organizations that collaborate on issues and approaches selected for their ability to galvanize public participation through the data-driven organizing practices being pioneered in Alaska.

The AEP network is composed of the Alaska Center for the Environment (ACE), Alaskans First Campaign (AK1), Bristol Bay United (BBU), Cook Inletkeeper (CIK), Sitka Conservation Society (SCS), Trout Unlimited’s Alaska Program (TU-AK), and the emerging SalmonState project.


Alaska Engagement Partnership
Build power that aligns the interests of conservation with commercial fishing, tribes, local communities, and large numbers of Alaskans from all regions and walks of life
Amount $1,600,000
Year(s) 2015-2022
Region Alaska
Primary Approach Just Transition in Alaska
Emergency Funding COVID-19
This grant helped to supplement lost income from changes to fundraising plans, cancelled events, and investments in technology.
Amount $10,000
Year(s) 2020
Region Alaska
Primary Approach Just Transition in Alaska
Alaska Engagement Partnership Evaluation
AEP wishes to conduct a strategic evaluation of its own work to assess lessons learned and consider modifications in the future. As part of this overall evaluation, AEP also wishes to evaluate the Stand for Salmon Campaign to assess the effectiveness of the campaign’s structure and messaging. Conducting a rigorous evaluation presents an important opportunity to assess impact and identify lessons learned.
Amount $5,000
Year(s) 2019
Region Alaska
Primary Approach Just Transition in Alaska