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Antenna strives to be a welcoming entry point into the arts community with a focus on the Upper 9th Ward. In the eleven years since its founding, Antenna has expanded its reach beyond its home neighborhood to connect local artists and writers with audiences across the city and world.

Antenna is committed to being a vital participant in the life of New Orleans through the creation and support of artist- and writer- driven projects.


Fossil Free Fest 2020 and Associated Programming
Fossil Free Fest 2020 (FFF) will continue the conversations begun in 2018 and seek to fill gaps in knowledge and approach identified during FFF 2018, while opening up new imaginative horizons.
Amount $50,000
Year(s) 2019
Region Louisiana
Primary Approach Other Community Support
Fossil Free Fest
Fossil Free Fest (FFF) is an organizing initiative to imagine and plan a Fossil Free Culture, the centerpiece of which is a three-day public festival. Set for April 6 through 8––during the month of the anniversary of the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill, Earth Day, and the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival Presented by Shell––FFF invites arts workers, industry workers, educators, funders, and the general public to participate in roundtable conversations, keynotes, film screenings, and workshops by local and national artists and activists involved in successful divestment activities.
Amount $20,000
Year(s) 2018
Region Louisiana
Primary Approach Other Community Support