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Applying for a Grant

New applicants and returning grantees can apply for a Chorus Foundation grant by submitting either:

1. concept paper followed by a full proposal, once the concept paper is approved or

2. a full proposal only.

Any organizations wishing to be considered for a grant from the Chorus Foundation must submit the appropriate materials through the Foundation’s web portal. All appropriate materials must be completed to be eligible for funding.

See a list of Frequently Asked Questions and responses here.

Concept Paper

Although not required, potential grantees and current grantees are encouraged to submit concept papers via the web portal before submitting a full proposal, especially if requesting funding for a project not previously supported by the Foundation. If an organization is requesting ongoing support for a current grant, you may skip the concept paper phase.

The concept paper provides the Foundation with basic information about your organization and funding request. Applicants who are uncertain whether or not their proposal aligns with the Foundation’s mission, or whether or not to request project-specific or general operating support, are encouraged to submit a short concept paper prior to dedicating time and effort into a full application that may not be a good fit for the Foundation.

After submitting the concept paper, Foundation staff will review the materials and respond within one month. Selected organizations will be invited via email to submit a full proposal through the online portal for either a project-specific or a general operating grant. Please note that a request for a full proposal based on the concept paper does not guarantee that the Foundation will award support.

Current grantees who are seeking ongoing funding are encouraged to submit a proposal before the current grant has ended, keeping in mind that a new grant award may take up to two months to finalize. New grants will not be finalized until the grantee submits a final report for the current grant.

We recommend you review the following documents before submitting a concept paper.

Submit a concept paper

Full Application

Applicants and current grantees can skip the concept paper and initially submit a full application for either a specific project or for general operating support. However, project-specific applications are encouraged, especially if the organization is new to the Foundation. Full applications include more detailed questions and attachments than the concept paper. Foundation staff will review the application and respond within one month.

   Submit a full general operating support application    
Submit a full project-specific application