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Center for Economic Democracy (CED)

The Center for Economic Democracy (CED) is a US social movement building organization, growing capacity in our  communities to transform American capitalism into a more just, sustainable, and democratic economy.

We harness the caring, creative, and productive impulses of the American people to build a new economy that is governed for the people, and by the people.

A New Democracy Movement enshrines new political and economic rights to reclaim our country from the 1% and build a nation that places people and planet over private profits.


General Operations
Amount $150,000
Year(s) 2019-2022
Region US
Primary Approach Allies and Key Projects
Racial Capitalism Training
The Center for Economic Democracy is partnering with the Center for Popular Economics (CPE) to offer Economics for Emancipation training at a highly subsidized rate to a broad audience of interested folks. Due to Covid 19, the organizations are in the process of transforming the entire curriculum into an online format. This grant will help support the revision and delivery of Economics for Emancipation training in 2020. Additionally, CED and CPE will partner to offer a subsection of the curricula, centered on Racial Capitalism, to Chorus Foundation grantees.
Amount $25,000
Year(s) 2020
Region US
Primary Approach Direct Action and Training