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Central Appalachian Network (CAN)

CAN’s mission is to work with individuals, community leaders, businesses, policy makers, nonprofit organizations, and others to develop and deploy new economic strategies that create wealth and reduce poverty while restoring and conserving the environment.

We have a bold vision of a more just and sustainable Appalachia. We envision thousands more locally owned and regionally connected enterprises that create real economic opportunity and contribute to a high quality of life for all. We work for a day when the region can provide for people and ensure intact land, clean air, pure water, and healthy forests that people hold dear. We envision a place where people have sufficient economic control of their lives so they don’t have to make choices between healthy communities and providing for their families — a place where our natural resources are valued for the long term, where communities are strong, and where local and state policies promote healthy local economies and protect natural systems.



Emergency Funding for COVID-19
This grant will help to cover the loss of funding and revenue due to the pandemic.
Amount $5,000
Year(s) 2020
Region Eastern Kentucky
Primary Approach Just Transition in Eastern Kentucky
CAN Clean Energy
This grant supports a clean energy practitioner network, policy work, and the development of shared messaging and communication tools to support clean energy work.
Amount $20,000
Year(s) 2017-2018
Region Eastern Kentucky
Primary Approach Just Transition in Eastern Kentucky