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COAP’s mission is to provide sustainable, affordable, safe, energy efficient, and dry housing with moderate, low, and very low income Harlan, Bell, and Leslie Counties of Kentucky families and individuals.

COAP, Inc. knows the importance of home ownership in shaping our communities in Eastern Kentucky. We build affordable homes from 700-1200 square feet in new contemporary designs with our larger homes having two bathrooms and great kitchens. COAP, Inc. uses the latest energy efficient building techniques in our construction of the new homes to make our homes the most energy efficient homes being built in our area. The homes are easy to afford for our low income customers because of the energy efficiency.


Just Transition
This grant supports the expansion of the training plan for the Energy Efficiency Intern to further his education, and the engagement and planning process to develop a revitalization plan for a building in downtown Harlan.
Amount $10,000
Year(s) 2017-2018
Region Eastern Kentucky
Primary Approach Just Transition in Eastern Kentucky