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Coming Clean

Coming Clean aims to build a stronger, better-equipped environmental health movement that will engage in and address the great challenges of our time.

Coming Clean aligns many diverse organizations behind integrated strategies to reform the chemical and fossil fuels industry so they are no longer a source of harm to our health and the environment and so a safe and sustainable energy and chemicals economy will flourish.


Three-Day Climate Justice Integration Planning Meeting
Travel to attend a convening of environmental justice and climate justice organizers committed to building broader knowledge and action agendas across toxic chemical reform, climate, and energy reform campaign strategies
Amount $750
Year(s) 2013
Region US
Primary Approach Travel
Strategic Collaborations and Synergies Among Climate, Fossil Fuels, and Chemicals Campaigns - A Mapping Project
Development of a visual map of the current alignment and interconnections between organizations working on climate and fossil fuel campaigns
Amount $25,000
Year(s) 2012
Region US
Primary Approach Research