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Cooperation Richmond

Cooperation Richmond builds community controlled wealth through worker-owned and community-owned cooperative businesses and enterprises by and for low-income communities and communities of color in Richmond whose wealth has been extracted.

We encourage, incubate and facilitate the launch and successful operation of diverse cooperative enterprises in Richmond operated by local residents, especially those of us coming from legacies of systemic marginalization and barred opportunity.


Continuing Toward a Just Transition
The organization is continuing toward a just transition through supporting two more worker-owned cooperatives, a reinvestment campaign, and a plan for a Richmond Community Land Trust.
Amount $45,000
Year(s) 2019-2020
Region Richmond
Primary Approach Just Transition in Richmond
Building New Institutions for a Just Transition
As part of the campaign for a just transition in Richmond, community members are advocating for economic transformation from the current extractive economy to a regenerative economy that is owned and governed by the communities. A core part of this just transition is the creation of cooperative business ownership, which generates collective impact.
Amount $40,000
Year(s) 2018-2019
Region Richmond
Primary Approach Just Transition in Richmond
Learning Exchange with the Cooperatives of Mondragon Spain
During this intensive week, two Cooperation Richmond Steering Committee members visited 3 of the 98 Cooperative Enterprises operating under the Mondragon umbrella. Visits included an industrial cooperative with over 200 worker-owners, an agricultural cooperative with 36 worker-owners, and a service cooperative with over 13,000 worker-owners.
Amount $7,532
Year(s) 2018
Region Richmond
Primary Approach Travel
Cooperation Richmond Bicycle Purchase
This grant supported a non-extractive loan to the Rich City Rides Bike Skate Shop Cooperative to support the launch of their new bike rental business. The bike shop will repay the loan based on terms agreed on by the Cooperation Richmond. As the Rich City Rides Bike Shop repays the loan, it will help grow the Cooperation Richmond local loan fund which Cooperation Richmond will use to support the development of new worker-owned and community owned enterprises.
Amount $13,340
Year(s) 2017
Region Richmond
Primary Approach Just Transition in Richmond