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Indigena Foundation

Indigena Foundation supports community initiated projects that translate and connect ancient wisdom with current ways of life to provide connective threads of consensus, healing, agreement, and vision from indigenous communities to future generations of humanity. Our collective impact fund advances community engagement around spaces of convening, science, policy, and through the arts to bridge intergenerational knowledge across peoples.

Indigena Foundation supports stakeholder engagement programs for tribal leaders and sovereign nations to find consensus around pressing issues in a safe and confidential environment. By supporting community initiated cultural gatherings, projects develop on local, regional and international scales. Our programs support alliances with indigenous representatives to strengthen communications and relations. Our funding efforts to date have supported the travel movement of indigenous leaders, artists, scientists, and policy makers, creating spaces for deep dialogue, exploration and shared understanding. We look forward to exploring ways we can deepen our collaborative efforts and build a strong foundation and shared resource base for generations to come.



Central Park Indigenous Convergence
Convergence of Indigenous-led organizations and allies, artists, and organizers in Central Park prior to the People's Climate March
Amount $11,500
Year(s) 2014
Region US
Primary Approach Direct Action and Training