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National People’s Action (NPA)

NPA is a national organization and affiliate network with a mission to advance racial and economic justice in the United States.

NPA is grounded in the leadership of everyday people — poor, working and middle class families; multi-racial, African American, Latino, White; immigrants and citizens; with youth leaders in middle school all the way to seniors deep into their retirement. NPA builds and strengthens affiliate organizations so that these grassroots leaders have a seat at the table in today’s most pressing policy debates, from immigration to financial reform, from progressive taxation to corporate accountability.


NPA Environmental Justice Convening
Convening of 20 affiliate lead organizers, directors, and allies to discuss how to apply NPA's long-term agenda for a new economy, commitment to addressing structural racism, and organizing talent to the project of winning serious climate and environmental justice efforts in the next ten years
Amount $25,000
Year(s) 2014
Region US
Primary Approach Collaboration and Movement Building