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Native Peoples Action

Native Peoples Action strives to build capacity to provide Alaska Native communities and our traditional values with a voice at all levels of policy making. We will leverage our strong Alaska Native community networks to build a volunteer base to provide confidence, encouragement, and guidance in connecting Alaska Native traditional values and political candidates, proposed policies, and land management.

The purpose of Native Peoples Action is to further its Mission by Taking a Stand, Working Together, and Mobilizing Action. Consistent with its Operating Principle, Native Peoples Action will carry out its purpose not for profit but, rather, exclusively for, but not limited to, charitable, educational, civic, political, social, and cultural purposes.


Native Vision
Native Vision gives voice to our ancestral imperative to uplift our peoples and our ways of life by taking a stand, working together and mobilizing action.
Amount $400,000
Year(s) 2017-2018
Region Alaska
Primary Approach Just Transition in Alaska