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Orb Studio

ØRB Studio is a full service sustainable architecture and energy efficiency consulting firm. ØRB works on new construction and major renovations pursuing rigorous, ultra-low energy goals such as Passive House, net zero energy, and Living Building Challenge. The firm collaborates with individual homeowners, architects, builders, developers, institutions, neighborhood groups and self-builders in an integrated design process. Our work draws from the unique character of each site, the vision and personality of each client, and the desire to make energy efficiency beautiful. We are inspired by the challenge of designing with a whole system perspective and by the desire to generate forms that merge the technical, aesthetic and financial aspects of a project into an elegant and holistic expression.



Testing the Feasibility of the Sustainable Workforce Affordable Power (SWAP) Initiative
Initial phase of work on the Sustainable Workforce Affordable Power initiative, designed to develop and finance a line of very affordable, renewably-powered, ultra-low energy homes
Amount $25,000
Year(s) 2014
Region Kentucky
Primary Approach Just Transition in Eastern Kentucky