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Power Shift Network

The mission of the Power Shift Network (formerly the Energy Action Coalition) is to mobilize the collective power of young people to mitigate climate change and create a just, clean energy future and resilient, thriving communities for all.

Through the collective power of young people, the Power Shift Network is working for a safe climate and just future where communities are thriving and own their power—whether that power is electrical, economic, social, or political.

Young people face a broken political system, racism, inequality, student debt, and the climate crisis. We resolve to stand together in mutual support and solidarity to build a clean, just and thriving future for our country. We are not afraid to speak truth to power, to sacrifice and to demonstrate our commitment to changes that seemed impossible to previous generations. We are the most diverse generation in history, united with one voice, demanding justice for all.



Power Shift 2013
Gathering of over 10,000 youth leaders meeting to train, build and launch strategic campaigns in their own communities and demand elected leaders follow their lead
Amount $25,000
Year(s) 2013
Region US
Primary Approach Direct Action and Training