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RYSE Center

RYSE creates safe spaces grounded in social justice that build youth power for young people to love, learn, educate, heal, and transform lives and communities.

Many young people in Richmond navigate their daily lives with an unfair level of unpredictability, disrupting their desire and need for connection and community. We envision a community that inspires youth to live with pride and purpose, where the sounds of gunshots have been replaced by the sounds of organizing, song, collaboration, laughter, and learning.



RYSE Youth Organizing Team
RYSE's integrative program model works to improve social and material conditions for young people in Richmond and West Contra Costa County. Richmond Youth Organizing Team (RYOT) utilizes and builds on existing youth leadership and youth organizing efforts, and seeks out emerging and promising practices that will inform the development and implementation of a leadership pipeline.
Amount $35,000
Year(s) 2017-2018
Region Richmond
Primary Approach Just Transition in Richmond