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Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE)

The mission of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE) is to empower, encourage, and catalyze projects so that we can collaborate and facilitate progressive change in areas of social and environmental justice.

As a fiscal sponsor, SEE incubates projects that will make a cultural impact by creating progressive, social, and environmental change. Our projects provide constructive innovations at grassroots levels and long-term cultural transformation to create a more socially just and environmentally sustainable world.


Emergency Funding COVID-19
Support for general operating costs for the organization's narrative change campaign.
Amount $2,000
Year(s) 2020
Region US
Primary Approach Allies and Key Projects
Building Equity and Alignment for Impact (BEA) Just Transition Forum
Building Equity and Alignment for Impact (BEA) is convening a historic three-day Forum to build alignment between frontline communities, greens, labor and funders around a vision of a just transition and identify the resources and policy strategies needed to support that vision. Hosted by Cooperation Jackson, the Just Transition Forum will be a unique opportunity to have open and honest dialogue, build authentic relationships, and create shared understanding across critical movement sectors seeking transformative solutions for a global ecological crisis.
Amount $25,000
Year(s) 2018
Region US
Primary Approach Allies and Key Projects