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The Alaska Center

We engage, empower, and elect Alaskans to stand up for our clean air and water, healthy communities, and a strong democracy.

We are Alaskans working to make our home the best place to live. Our future is dependent upon the health of the resources that sustain our diverse cultures and livelihoods, and the power of our people to participate in the decisions that impact our communities. Together, we will ensure that our leaders champion the values that will support a vibrant future for generations to come.


Emergency Funding COVID-19
This grant will support lost revenue due to cancelled events, legal fees, office supplies and equipment, and other needs.
Amount $10,000
Year(s) 2020
Region Alaska
Primary Approach Just Transition in Alaska
Alaska Just Transition Retreat
Thirteen individuals convened in Anchorage, Alaska to explore just transition framework and concepts, heal relationships, develop deeper understanding, learn about different organization and individual contributions to a just transition, and begin to discuss how to create an Alaska just transition vision.
Amount $4,331
Year(s) 2018
Region Alaska
Primary Approach Travel
Two-Day Co-Management Symposium; Fairbanks, AK
Travel to Two-Day Co-Management Symposium in Fairbanks, Alaska.
Amount $1,354
Year(s) 2016
Region Alaska
Primary Approach Travel