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The WASH Project

The WASH Project, Inc. establishes within its laundromat an outlet to create & engage in art, music & literacy, as well as a neighborhood access point for information regarding a wide range of community services & cultural opportunities.

From this effort we anticipate the continued development of a safe, small, yet dynamic center of local community life, a place that people of all ages & walks of life will come to; a place, that by the way it is designed & the way it is operated, will strengthen this neighborhood, while providing a model for similar efforts in neighborhood laundromats and common spaces throughout the city.


The WASH Project and Crossroads Collective
Support to continue our piece in the Crossroads Collective, by integrating the body of our collaborative work with arts and refugee input. This will aid in the development as an organization that provides an integral outlet to its community.
Amount $35,000
Year(s) 2017-2018
Region Buffalo
Primary Approach Just Transition in Buffalo
The WASH Project Inc. Just Transitions role/s
As a de facto community center, WASH serves as an access point for arts and literacy, as well as a unique human services hub, including assistance in translation, citizenship, legal council, home finding, and job placement. As a locally owned business entity, a Benefit Corporation which upholds the triple bottom line, WASH can help to exemplify a new business model with business, social, and environmental objectives at its core, modeling the growth of the new economy and community-controlled assets, while providing technical assistance for similar local startups, as needed.
Amount $30,000
Year(s) 2016
Region Buffalo
Primary Approach Just Transition in Buffalo