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Unpack Impact

Unpack Impact is an interdisciplinary research initiative exploring the business case for including beneficiaries in the design of projects and services intended to improve their lives.

Unpack Impact is investigating a critical question: More than ever before, today’s leading for-profit companies are involving consumers in the design of products and services. Yet why is it that beneficiaries continue to be largely excluded from design processes in the for-impact sector (non-profits, social enterprise, development agencies, and the vehicles by which they are funded: philanthropy, impact-investing, and aid)?



Publishing a Recollective Way
The founders have the opportunity to compile the full work to date into a book intended to reach broader audiences. With support from a team of two editorial consultants, the book would be well positioned to have a significant impact on the way the social sector operates, particularly philanthropy and impact investing, encouraging practitioners toward more inclusive and just processes.
Amount $10,000
Year(s) 2017-2018
Region US
Primary Approach Collaboration and Movement Building, and Research